Jaws of Extinction
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Atmospheric Singleplayer & Coop

In both ‘Single Player’ and ‘Co-op’ modes, you will journey as one of four survivors, each with their own set of unique skills. After washing up on the treacherous shores of Eden-Nadir after the Resistance breakout at Lockcrest penitentiary, you will have to decide how you want proceed in this new world and how to do it. Will your join the resistance against Thanatos, seek out other factions or find a way to survive on your own? Choose your survivor carefully, each will have their own strengths and, of course, weaknesses.

The four protagonists have been choosen to be guided by you on this journey of the new world. As well as the main story each character will have their own story to tell and well take you down differnt paths as you play as each character.

Playing as all characters also with up to three other friends, in the 4 player cooperative mode, where you play the exact same game as if you was playing alone (Currently still in development).

Adventurous Dedicated Multiplayer

In ‘Dedicated Multiplayer’, you will create your own character to start your adventure. Everyone on the island will contribute to drive the story forward though their actions. Whether you team up working together, or perhaps against each other, the outcome events on Eden-Nadir will be determined by everyone.

Not everyone is out to help a fellow survivour and may choose to take the dark path, but be cautious, as this will make it a whole lot harder to survive. Follow the dark path for too long and only traders at the black markets will trade with you at a much higher price and your integrity will determin how the island sees you, to low and the island may hunt you down, like the filth you are.

You can support “Jaws of Extinction” right now, by ordering access to our alpha build and help shape the game to what it will become, come take a look.

About Jaws of Extinction

Moscow, Berlin, Singapore, Washington DC, London. The radio’s are still working, but there is no one left to use them. The only confirmed safe haven is Eden-Nadir, an island off the coast of the United States of America and headquarters to Thanatos Pharmaceuticals.

Thanatos pioneered a miracle treatment, designed to be a universal cure for deadly diseases such as AIDS, Cancer. However, the best of intentions became the worst of consequences when it was released that the cure had a devastating side effect. The fungi used in the engineered cure (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) began uncontrollably spreading through the bodies of its hosts. Upon reaching the brain, it would feed and destroy the parts responsible for cognition. Only by keeping part of the host’s brain alive, the malignant fungal infection would control it’s host with the singular interest of proliferating its noxious spores.

Join the whole development team on the Jaws of Extinction official discord server. Chat daily with the devs, have your say and become part of an amazing growing community.

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