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Post has published by Ryan Thirlwall (Lead Dev)

You can report bugs anonymously via the “F1” key in-game, by joining our official discord server ( https://discord.gg/joegame ) or creating a free account on our bugtracker website ( at http://bugtracker.kyecreations.com ).

please be aware that some of the bugs listed below may of been fixed and issued as a patch, to view the status of the report, click the link, you will be required to register a free tracker account with our system.

Bugs listed are reported in-game or via our bugtracker webste

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  • 0000685: wanderers not hitting January 28, 2020
    when fight a wanderer they stop in front of you and do nothing for to long!
  • 0000684: arrows not in inventory January 28, 2020
    picking up arrow off the floorand not in inventory
  • 0000683: disapearing arrows January 28, 2020
    made some arrows switched weapon went back to bow and no arrows!
  • 0000682: Weapons January 27, 2020
    Since this last update .. Everytime I shot _ she would put the gun (Pistol) away after each shot. Died many times because I could keep firing while gun was loaded.
  • 0000681: Crashes on boot January 27, 2020
    Since that latest update went to go try the newest things in game and the game will load to about the begining credits and then come up with a crash report i added a screen shot from the crash. this keeps happening everytime i start up the game and as soon as the begining credits […]
  • 0000680: punk boots disapear January 26, 2020
    when you find punk boots and pick them up they disapear, they dont go into inventory
  • 0000679: food and drinks keep respawning in loot container! January 26, 2020
    When looting a container and you drag food into your inventory and eat from the inventory while inside container it respawns back in the container!
  • 0000678: STRV blocked by jacket mesh January 26, 2020
    when i put on a jacket and go look at my vitals the jacket is blocking the view!
  • 0000677: Can not complete dom's hardware quest January 8, 2020
    Can not open any of the doors to dom's hardware, so can not complete the quest to advance the story
  • 0000676: sherrif sens key January 3, 2020
    if you have already looted sherrif sens car on the way to his house, the key is not there when you return on the mission. not in inventory either.
  • 0000675: going to sherrifs car to get key January 3, 2020
    already looted cars on the way
  • 0000674: Cant Find Sherrifs Keys December 28, 2019
    No Key in Sherrifs Vehicle for Basement - None on seat
  • 0000673: clip through vehicles December 24, 2019
    Can clip through vehicles in game. See attached image.
  • 0000672: no se que poner aca December 22, 2019
    Se quedo la camara de costado y no vulve en si
  • 0000671: Game crashes loading into the world [private] December 21, 2019
    Logged in past the character select and started a timer as i went to do dishes while i wait. Got done and at 25 minutes i watched as my pc's behavior had alt tabbed on it's own to my desktop with a Steam-Error CWorkThreadPool::StartWorkThread: Thread Creation failed.Then it alt tabbed back in game to continue […]
  • 0000670: Stuck on rocks December 15, 2019
    swam across to go to lighthouse, got stuck on rocks. Have a video and screenshot. Have to restart.
  • 0000660: cant place storage December 12, 2019
    Cant seem to be able to place the super large storage container in my ocean base. Have all needed materials and have been all over base to place. Just shows in Red.
  • 0000669: no key in sheriff vehicle December 12, 2019
    doing mission for key on a new game and no key in sheriff vehicle.
  • 0000666: cant place walls December 4, 2019
    Unable to place any walls at both sides of every corner on second level of my ocean base. See images.
  • 0000668: unable to loot bags November 30, 2019
    Unable to loot bags dropped by zoms, some hanging in air, some on ground. At this location mostly. Shot 3 more since screenshot and all 3 bags in air. See photo.