Jaws of Extinction

Developers Digest – Update

Welcome to our first Developer’s Digest! Every patch, we will now be publishing an analysis on some of the bigger changes in the latest patch release.

The JoE Development Team

Patch Analysis

This week’s patch has taken a close look into revitalising our Wanderer’s visuals. You’ll now find a completely new visual style for Wanderers. They can now appear as either male or female. Additionally, we have made a start on adding a broad variety of clothing options, hair and body physiques. Wanderers with helmets will now receive some head protection unless you can knock their headwear off first.

Furthermore, we have increased the number of Wanderers which spawn and updated their running animations – so watch yourself, Hanouten just became a lot more dangerous.

These updates have been very important in moving forward towards our next iteration of the AI system. The changes this patch are an important part in developing the upcoming ‘AIV3’ system. The AIV3 will offer a greater range of AI behaviour as well as various optimisations. This will then allow us to increase the average spawn count even more and introduce an wider range of variety.

This week has also seen improvements for the Focus Mode. During our last patch various improvements were made to the camera to work with the vaulting system. However, this caused the free camera to be pitched at a unnatural angle ever since. We have now fixed the problem and worked on a number of tweaks to make Focus Mode even smoother.

Additionally, Focus Mode can now be used in first-person to search for loot without locking up the camera or the character’s movement.

We have made a bunch of improvements for items spawning. Firearms which spawn are now accompanied with some spare ammunition. We have furthermore had a rigorous revision of the looting data tables, which has allowed us to make a start on getting loot to spawn in places you would expect. Houses are now more likely to spawn domestic items, garages may spawn tools and vehicle parts, shops such as a pharmercy might spawn medical equipment. Further additions to location-based loot is on the way in the near future.

“Tilley’s Garden Centre” is a new sizeable location on the outskirts of Hanouten (the starting town). It is packed with all sorts of equipment, plants and other things useful to your survival.Tilley’s is where you will be heading for all your farming supplies and it is the ideal place for tools.

Also be sure to explore the derelict buildings nearby. They are a haunting collection of abandoned structures now run by one of the survivor groups: “The Valkyries”.

The area is scattered with old warehouses and large buildings, but not all of them are still standing. As we start to developing the surrounding area around “The Valkyries” main dwelling, derelict buildings and ruins will start appearing, which might make great places to stash hard earned loot.

There have been some changes across Hanouten too. Watch out for the new homemade roadblocks covering the roads. Be aware that vaulting over may not seem like a problem, but just be careful not to catch yourself on the barbed wire or it will tear a chunk out of you. The closer confines of the Hanouten make passing through the town a treacherous endeavour.

These roadblocks are intended to make it a bit more difficult to traverse the town on foot and (when available) in vehicles. You will now need to think a bit more carefully about how you move. The reduced visibility down the streets means that threats could be lurking around any corner, so be sure to listen closely and only vault over fences if you are sure it is safe on the other side.

Live stream with the dev team

It was great to catch up with everyone in the Thursday live stream. If you missed us though, you can check out the recording below!

Every Thursday before a patch, the development team will stream the latest patch for an hour, answering questions and giving a brief overview.

What’s coming next patch?

Whereas this patch focused on the Wanderer’s visuals, the next patch will take a closer look at the character’s vitals. The player’s vitals are such an important part of determining the player’s choices, we feel it is necessary to get the vitals working at their best.

In addition to a plethora of vitals and ST-RV bug fixes, we will be closely examining vitals degeneration and regeneration rates as well as working on the way in which consumable buffs should stack together to provide energy regeneration.

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