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Developers Digest – Update

Jaws of Extinction is now live. The patch is out a whole week earlier than planned in order to release a number of important fixes. We will be returning to our two week patch schedule for the next update.

Jaws of Extinction Development Team

Patch Analysis

Brook Haven Industrial Area

Brook Haven

Hope Brook is a peaceful passage of water which lazily meanders its way through Eden-Nadir. Brook Haven, the industrial park build along its banks is anything but. Tread carefully as you navigate this area’s warehouses and containers, danger lurks around every rusting corner.

Garnet Lake view of Brook Haven & Hope brook

Brook Haven is a settlement which will belong the Valkyries. They are a threatening faction of survivors which tend to operate on their own moral compass. The bodies of those who have crossed their path can still be found hooked and bound on display – a warning to anyone else foolhardy enough to venture near.

Rooftop view over Brook Haven

At present, the area is swarmed by the Wanderers. Traveling here is dangerous because passing through unnoticed is very difficult. Be sure to arm yourself well before entering the compound and get ready for a fight.

Brook Haven court yard

Abandoned Factory

The old Gas Works was abandoned over 30 years ago when the new industrial area was built on the West coast of Eden-Nadir which was powered from wind turbines and other power sources. The Gas Works fell into a state of disrepair ever since.

The old Gas Works

More recently, the area around Brook Haven has been taken over by the Valkyries, who have made it their headquarters. In the gloom of the four story building is a twisted maze of concrete and metal to explore and climb, with the chance of loot at every corner.

Enemy could come from anywhere

While navigating the Old Gas Works, keep an eye on what’s above and below your position. The building has several layers of verticality which may catch you off-guard.

Tha dark corners of the old gas works factory

Vitals system has been… Revitalised

This update has delved deep into the mechanics behind the vitals system. Your vitals can be checked at any time by holding down [V] to examine your ST-RV watch. Thanatos put these watches on each of their prisoners so their scientists could monitor inmates location and wellbeing. It also makes it a handy tool for keeping track of your own fitness.

By default holding down the “V” key will display your ST-RV system vitals


As you would expect, Heath is the most important vital. Whenever you take damage you will lose Health and should your Health ever reach zero, your journey will sadly end. As well as taking damage from infected monstrosities and any other threats on the island, your other vitals can diminish your Health if you neglect them.


Wellness is a vital which has now become operational in the last update. Your Wellness is a measure of your body’s constitution. If you become weak from Hunger or Hydration, your Wellness will diminish.

Wellness affects your maximum Health. For instance, if your Wellness is at 50%, you maximum health will become capped at 50%.

Additionally, low Wellness has a negative effect on the rate at which your other vitals degenerate over time. Be very careful not to neglect your Wellness or it may cause your other vitals to quickly spiral out of control, causing your Wellness to get even lower.

Below the item description it will tell you the nutrition values in yellow


All that sprinting, swimming, jogging and vaulting you’ve been doing to survive takes a lot of Energy.

Energy is measured in Kilojoules (KJ) and is gained from the food you eat. High energy food sources such as chocolate bars and energy drinks are an ideal way to top up your energy. Just bear in mind you will want to vary your diet because these kinds of food are not going to do much to improve your Hunger or Hydration.

The more physical activity you do, the faster your Energy will deplete. Walking around is a very low cost activity, but sprinting and swimming will quickly drain your Energy. To help moderate how much Energy your are using while on the move, you can toggle between walking and jogging by pressing [Ctrl].

Running out of Energy is not going to kill you… not just yet anyway. As your Energy gets lower, you will see yourself go into ‘Adrenaline Mode’, causing the edges of your screen to get darker and the world to desaturate. If this happens, it is an indication you should prioritise finding something to eat or drink fast.

Low Energy affects the speed at which you are able to sprint. This can be indirectly lethal if you are unable to run away from threats fast enough.

Once Energy gets to zero it will negatively affect your Hunger and Hydration decay as the body tries to cope while running on empty. Be wary of your Energy, as letting it dwindle will cause serious harm to your other vitals.

Getting low on energy will start to impair your visibility


This vital determines how full you are and will naturally decay over time. If you were to expend no physical effect, you could last about three weeks (21 in-game days) without eating. Waiting this long between meals however is not recommendable, especially since your Hunger will decay faster as you start doing physically demanding activities.

Hunger takes a lot longer to decay compared with Energy and Hydration, so it may not be your highest priority from the start. However, try not to let low Hunger catch up with you in the long-term. When your Hunger and Energy both reach zero, your Wellness will rapidly start to decay. If you are unable to find a source of food before your Wellness runs out, it could be the end of the road.

Take some time to examine what foods your eating; just because it fill up your Hunger doesn’t necessarily mean your getting much Energy with it.


Hydration is very similar to Hunger, but takes much less time to decay. With complete inactivity, Hydration can be lost in a little as three in-game days. Your Hydration also degenerates even faster with physical activity.

Finding sources of Hydration will be one of your highest priorities from the start. If your Hydration reaches zero, your Wellness will begin to decay. Finding a reliable source of drinking water on the island is next to impossible, so pay close attention to your inventory and ration out your liquids as you need them.

Other ‘vital’ things to know

There have been some updates to the way in which you consume food and drinks which affect your vital’s regeneration. For example, we have now removed the limit which prevented you from consuming items from being ‘full’, even if that item would help you to recover another low vital.

Additionally, regeneration effects from consuming foodstuff now stack correctly. In previous versions, not matter how much you consumed, you would only benefit from one item’s regeneration. This is happening no longer! Now if you eat a chocolate bar and some meat together, you will receive the full regenerative effect from both simultaneously for the correct amount of time.

Free look & Focus Mode update

Being able to check your surroundings Freelook mode and keep an eye on your back is a handy tool in any situation. In JoE, we combined our Freelook tool with our Focus Mode, which allows the player to identify important items, sounds and other things.

New focus mode visual effects

However, in the latest patch we have made an adjustment. The feedback we received about Focus Mode has been positive, but it has also been brought to our attention that you do not always want to engage Focus Mode just to look behind you. We have therefore separated Freelook and Focus Mode.

Freelook is still works in exactly the same way. Hold down [Alt] to look around the character.

To engage Focus Mode, hold down right-click [RMB] while in Freelook.

Focus Mode also now has a fancy new look designed to embody the sensation of intently on something.

In the future, we will be adding more functionality to Focus mode. We will be:

  • Dampen ambient sounds
  • Heighten enemy and animal sounds
  • Track enemy and animals
  • Locate hidden items and area’s

Live stream with the dev team

In light of the need to get the out sooner, regrettably we were not able to do a pre-patch livestream on such short notice this week.

Service is returning as normal however for the next patch. Catch the next livestream with the developers on 25/04/19. We look forward to seeing you all there.

What’s coming next patch?

In the next patch, we’ll be addressing more important issues and bug fixes. Most notably, we are going to update the player item storage system, which was removed due to being problematic several versions ago. We now would like to revamp and reintroduce it to the game.

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