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Patch Analysis

Jaws of Extinction is now here! There are some big updates this week, focusing on new inventory and container functionality, a complete rework on lighting, updated movement animations, randomly generated housing layouts and the introduction of a new vital: ‘Stamina’.

Jaws of Extinction Development Team

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Vicinity Pickups

There is a new way to grab loot on the go. Open your inventory [Tab] and you will have a new section near the bottom called ‘Vicinity’. In the Vicinity section, nearby items will be listed and you are able to drag the items in the world into your inventory. Additionally, you can hit the ‘Take all’ button to swipe all pickups close by.

The Vicinity area range is fairly limited. It will only show you items in arms-reach of your current location. It is our intention is that the radius of your vicinity can be increased as you level up your looting skill.

Buildable containers

Storage is back! This time, in the form of a selection of three snazzy buildable options: a small chest, a large chest and a shelving unit. To make these items, open your building menu [B] and open the ‘Manufacturing’ tab. Inside you will find the three storage options which you can place into the world to store your items.

Storage containers can be a handy way to offload your loot. Once you have offloaded your items, you can save and load them without worry. The Shelving offers the greatest amount of storage, as it features five pre-made storage chests on the shelves.

Storage can be interacted with using the interaction button [F], which will open up your inventory. You can drag items between your inventory and the storage as you wish. In future, you will be able to see the items you place in the storage also appear on the furniture itself.

Lighting Overhaul

Eden-Nadir has ungone a big transformation – a complete rework of the island’s lighting. It has been reworked to improve the overall atmosphere and to give different times of the day unique characteristics.

The changes to specular and ambient depths of world objects are designed to improve the sense depth as you experience the world. The visuals have appeared somewhat flat in previous patches so adjustments have been made with the intention of making visuals look less flat without harming performance.

Additionally, the camera is now set up to handle auto-expose properly. Auto-exposure is a feature which simulates human eye adjusting to light. This means the transition from going between indoor and outdoor areas now looks much better.

Night time is now significantly darker and designed to emphasis the importance of street lights and the player’s flashlight.

Movement Animations

Amy has a new selection of movement animations, allowing her to move in any direction while either crouched or standing. Up until now, the character animations have been placeholders. Amy now uses a full complement of female motion capture movement.

In previous patches, Amy was not able to convincingly move backwards while crouched because she would only animate with forward motion. She can now move in any direction- with the addition of strafing animations.

housing layouts

Feeling like something has been missing in the houses? Well no longer! Houses now have a dynamic selection of interior and exterior layouts.

Layouts are randomly chosen, so you can never be sure what you will get. There are a handful of layouts available right now and with each patch additional layout options will be added.

New Vital: Stamina

Over the last couple of patches, we have received a lot of feedback regarding the Vitals system, especially Energy. Energy is measured in KJ and is literal amount of energy the player has consumed from food. However, understandably there has been some confusion over the role of Energy. To help bridge the gap between the Vitals as they are currently and player expectation, we have added Stamina.

Stamina is a measure of how much physically demanding activity you can do. Sprinting will quickly drain your Stamina and resting will quickly restore it. Stamina is shown in your ST-RV watch, but you can alway tell how well rested you are by listening to Amy’s breath. The more you exert Stamina, the louder Amy’s breathing will get until you have to take a quick breather.

Your Energy affects your maximum Stamina, so be sure to keep eating well or your maximum Stamina limit will start to diminish. For example, if you are on 50% Energy, your maximum Stamina is reduced to 50%.

What’s coming next patch?

Jaws of Extinction 0.2.6 will feature a collection of exciting additions as we work on various DLC implementations and complete the construction of several important UI elements.

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