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JoE development blogs

It’s time you know more…

Every week we will be posting a summary of the weeks development progress on our website here at jawsofextinction.com.

The updates will consist of images, videos and animations that we post to social media ( Twitter, Facebook & Instagram ) every day through Monday to Saturday, but we’ll include more information about the media.

What will be in these blogs?

These posts will come once every month on a Tuesday and will include details of the previous weeks development on development, story, concepts, music & audio.

We just feel that we would like to give you a bit more information, about what we are posting in social media as well as some exclusive bits that you will not read on social media.

So get ready for Pre Release DevBlog 01 this coming Tuesday 4th July 2017, as you will notice they will be labeled “Pre Release DevBlog” due to pre release of any product to the market. Once we go live on Steams Early Access the blogs will change to “Alpha DevBlog” and just simple “DevBlog” on full release.

Also as you can see below we will be listing everything that has been completed in this weekly update and you will also be able to see a complete change log at jawsofextinction.com/changelog

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