Jaws of Extinction

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Fancy adding your two pennies worth… If you enjoy getting involved in gaming communities more than just playing the game, conciser yourself invited to our Official Jaws of Extinction Discord server.

Server features!

  • Sneak peeks into parts of the Jaws of Extinction story (No Spoilers)
  • Ask JoE Dev Team – Ask us any thing you want.
  • Content Giveaways – Enter free competitions to win game access and goodies.
  • Work In Progress – Check out screenshots and videos of WIPs that the team are working on.
  • Are you a content creator? – Post your survival game videos in our designated channel.
  • Plus so much more….

Just register your account and download the Discord APP, then click on the following link: http://www.jawsofextinction.com/discord

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