Jaws of Extinction

Atmosphere, looting and more

Welcome to Pre Development Blog TWO…

What a busy couple of weeks! With level design improvements and atmosphere modifications to major engine updates, JoE’s 3D department have been hard at work. We have new props and we have also have some new additions to the team, so let’s take a look…

The Development Meeting Live Stream

As some of you may know, we have been live streaming over on Twitch (last Thursday of every month). Our next stream is due next Thursday on 27th of July. Make sure to follow us on Twitch and social media to keep up to date. We will keep you posted on what we will be going over in the next live stream (as much as possible), over the next couple of weeks.

Island improvements: A new courtyard replaces the parade yard on Lockcrest island

One thing you will notice with Jaws of Extinction is that locations may change over time and updates. We are always looking at ways to improve mechanics and visuals and this goes for level design as well. When you have got a large blank parade yard with nothing in it staring at you every day, it won’t be long before we give it a facelift.

Jaws of Extinction is all about surviving in a world build on atmosphere, visuals and immersive. We will do our best to try and do that with locations all over Eden-Nadir. Placing Chris Greaves fountain in the middle of the parade ground and building up foliage overgrowth around it did the trick. The final product looks great!

Player functions: Character focus

So, in our last blog we briefly went over the basic system that we put in place for the characters focus system. Enabling you to focus the characters field of view. This is different in first person to third person view, but still available in both views.

Props & Assets: Powerstation

Troy has been working on assets for the island’s power station. This building has a major role in the prologue for Jaws of Extinction, so making sure that it looks the part is on our list of priorities. Getting these large motors going, could attract some unwanted attention – @ToxicSludge77

Additional detail to The Wandering Dead

All assets and characters in Jaws of Extinction are subject to change. We will always be looking to make “The wandering dead” more dead looking. We started by modeling one of the new characters, “The Gula” in zbrush, with some additional details from the concept art that was posted back on 25th June.

Props & Assets: Vehicle & mechanical parts

Chris Greaves has been working on assets for a more in depth mechanic for vehicles. Replacing parts of your vehicle for better road performance and durability, is something that is bypassed in survival games. Also using vehicle parts in crafting traps and so on, so don’t throw away that old radiator! You never know what it can be used for –  @Greavesie93

Feature update: Fine tuning placeable items

As we all know, in a survival game we all need to be able to craft the basic tools to survive. A campfire, or a means to cook food and keep warm is always first on the list. Ryan, our lead developer has been working on placeable mechanics. Integrating a basic system to be able to select an item, rotate it, place it then use it. Using a simple colour indicator to display if you are able to place the item or not. We are not decided on colours yet.

We are going for a very basic campfire system, where just placing resources inside the campfire will allow it to automatically light. Removing the resources will put the fire out, with a single fuel cost. This is all subject to change of course, including durability with item use and over time.

We are using a campfire in this example, but there will be a small collection of placeables available in the prologue / demo (including: Campfire, Sleeping bag, Traps, Explosives and more).

Prologue atmosphere and Visual FX finalised

As you may of noticed a lot of visuals in recent social media posts have been very dark. This is down to the nature and atmosphere in the prologue / demo. Dark, foggy, raining and very moody. We think atmosphere is a big part of immersing the player in the game and if you want to make a true open-world survival horror, it needs to immerse the player. One game that did this really well was the “Outlast” games, by really putting you inside the environment.

One thing we feel, that an open-world zombie survival has yet to do, is give the player an atmospheric environment for single player and multiplayer settings. The closest game to accomplish this was “The Last of Us”, but being a completely story driven game, an atmospheric environment is even more important. We will be making a post later this week to get your feedback on games with atmosphere, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

New indicator system overview (Current work in progress)

We have been in talks of updating and improving the head up display for item indicators for a while. We wanted a simple recognisable system, that works on visual representation of items you will be interacting with.

As you can see in the visual below, we have nine icon types with more on the cards. Currently some icons will show up when you are in lootable distance from them and looking at them. Others will show up as a warning or to notify you of them (depending on your perception skill). Some will show at a range if you own them or have placed them in the world, lay campfires and sleeping bags.

We will be covering this a lot more as we develop it further… let us know what you think.

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