Jaws of Extinction

Release Schedule for public alpha

The lead up to public alpha access…

The JoE development team has always been small. In light of reasonable changes to the development team (no drama or problems at all) we are conscious to keep you up to date with our schedule regarding the JoE Alpha.

Private Alpha has given us a perfect opportunity to identify bugs and performance issues – quite a lot of them. The pressure to get the game shipshape has been on, but we are confident that issues are being resolved as fast as feasibly possible.

Due to the time required for Private Alpha bug fixes and changes to the development team, we have had to carefully consider our schedule for the Public Alpha release. Our new plan, although taking slightly longer than we would have preferred, is more realistic without compromising on our original goals too much.

This page will show you our patch schedule over the next few months in the lead up to Public Alpha Access.

Private Alpha patch Schedual

  • Friday 18th JanuaryPatch 0.1.6a Release
  • Friday 1st FebruaryPatch 0.1.7a Release
  • Friday 15th FebruaryPatch 0.1.8a Release
  • Friday 22nd FebruaryPatch 0.1.9a Release (potential patch)

There are several necessary feature improvements upcoming in the patches ahead of the Public Alpha. This includes:

  • AI Improvements
  • Weapon carrying updates
  • Storage containers
  • Crafting changes
  • Tutorial objectives

We are aware that there has been a lot of recent feedback regarding performance trouble. General GPU performance tweaks will continue to be methodically added where possible and the following implementations are hoped to improve performance prior to Public Alpha release:

  • Hierarchical Level of Detail (HLODs)
  • Engine version upgrade (subject to tests)

Public Alpha patch Schedual

  • Friday 28th February – Public Alpha Release / Patch 0.2.0a Release
  • Friday 8th MarchPatch 0.2.1a Release (potential patch)

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If you have any thoughts or concerns, please do send a message or tweet us. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for access to the Alpha and we hope that the revised schedule will not inconvenience anyone too much.

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