Jaws of Extinction

Dr D. Ludlow journal transcript #3, 10/6/09

“This is Dr. Daniel Ludlow of Thanatos Pharmaceuticals Research Division recording log 3 of an investigation in to the medical properties of the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis. It is 17:00 hours on the 10th June 2009. Everything is ready. We leave at 04:00 hours on Monday 15th June 2009. Just five days from now! We will travel by air to Bangkok, stay overnight and then travel to Phetchaburi by bus on the 16th June 2009. Once there we will meet one of the park rangers who will take us to the mobile laboratory site. All of the equipment I have requested has been successfully sourced, which is a first. While Marcus makes himself useful setting up the equipment a local guide will take me to the site of the Carpenter ant colony where the Cordyceps variation was discovered. Then the real work can begin. Recording end.”

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