Jaws of Extinction

Dr D. Ludlow journal transcript #5, 15/6/09

“This is Dr. Daniel Ludlow of Thanatos Pharmaceuticals Research Division recording log 5 of an investigation into the medical properties of the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis. It is 13:00 hours on the 15th June 2009. Our flight to Bangkok was not enjoyable to say the least. After more than 18 hours on a plane I have decided that I hate flying almost as much as I despise crowds of people and dirty, noisy cities. Thankfully our hotel is air-conditioned, relatively quiet and what passes for clean in a place like this. The sooner we get out of here and into the familiar surroundings of a nice, quiet, orderly lab the better. That said, even a place like this can’t dampen the excited anticipation I feel about tomorrow. One more day, one more journey and I’m there.”

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