Jaws of Extinction

Dr D. Ludlow journal transcript #2, 06/06/09

“This is Dr. Daniel Ludlow of Thanatos Pharmaceuticals Research Division recording log 2 of an investigation in to the medical properties of the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis. It is 08:00 hours on the 6th June 2009. Flights are booked and our first night’s accommodation has been arranged but Marcus is not here and there are details to go over, things I need him to do. I had not realised it was Saturday and he insists on not working weekends so he can have “quality time” at home with his family. Why you would flit away valuable time in such a menial way is beyond me but I suppose not everyone has a work ethic as dedicated and rigorous as my own. I shall spend the remainder of the weekend trawling the internet for further information on the reported Cordyceps variation; so far all I have found are incomplete and unreliable ramblings from locals of unusual Carpenter ant colony behaviour. Nothing worth repeating without the evidence to back it up. Recording end.”

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