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  • Big updates for Jaws of Extinction are just around the corner! New map update.Big updates for Jaws of Extinction are just around the corner! New map update.

    Hey everyone!

    We are aware that things have been a bit quiet for Jaws of Extinction recently and we wanted to let everyone know that all has been going well behind the scenes. We have been busy over the last couple of months addressing our top priority issues and preparing for the game's next stage of release.

    In order to overcome some of the major issues present in the current build of the game (notably performance and some design elements), we took a step back to definitively rectify these problems. The good news is we’re almost there.

    We plan on releasing a playable test build the first week of December to all current owners of the game. We would really love to hear everyone’s feedback on their experience!

    Steam Availability
    You may have also noticed that the game is currently unavailable to purchase on Steam. This is so we can ensure that all features that have been affected by our rework are fully reimplemented for our Early Access release in the new year (Feb 2021). Jaws of Extinction is now visible to everyone on the Steam store front. The game can be found via searching Steam and listed in game categories.

    Performance has always been the most talked about subject on Jaws of Extinction and we felt that before we started fleshing out the rest of the world of Eden-Nadir we needed to get on top of the games performance once and for all.

    We needed to take some drastic measures - so that is exactly what we did. We have redeveloped the environment from the ground up. This has given us the opportunity to restructure our approach to performance while also allowing us to improve upon the world’s look and feel. For example, the village of Hanouten now feels much more like a village, rather than a town. Generally, the layout of the environment is now cleaner whilst also implementing more interesting places to explore.

    New custom assets
    All buildings / houses being used in the world have now been exclusively made for Jaws of Extinction by our lead 3D artist, Chris.
    This update to buildings provides visual, gameplay and performance improvements.

    For example, the windows of houses are now much improved. They have been resized allowing players to aim weapons through them properly. The old building’s windows would get in the way of your sightlines.

    Furthermore, the new houses will have the following features in future updates:

    • Building, claiming and fortification
    • Jumping and vaulting through windows
    • Ability to clean up housing interiors

    We are making cooperative multiplayer available for the February Early Access release, which means getting many gameplay features sorted in preparation.
    Multiplayer development is ongoing and while we are still working getting gameplay elements ready, we have tested several internal multiplayer builds of the game with each other (and actually had a lot more fun that we were expecting from just technical tests!).

    Updated character models and textures
    We agreed with a recurring piece of community feedback that the look of the characters didn’t always match the visual quality of the world. We have therefore re-examined our character’s art and given them some love. This update will allow characters to appear clean, dirty, bloody and wet depending on what happens during your journey. The updated character art will be released before the February Early Access release.

    December playable test build:
    For current owners of the Jaws of Extinction, you will have access to an updated build of the game with the new map, performance and gameplay features. You should notice many improvements.

    Redevelopment has been fairly extensive though, so although almost all features are still available as are the current build, expect some differences to narrative/quest elements which will be worked on moving forward.

    Additionally, since the map has undergone significant redevelopment, many house interiors are under construction and the playable area is currently smaller. However, map quality (visually and performance-wise) is now higher. Map content and building interiors will appear regularly with updates.

    Stay safe and well, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new build!
    -JoE dev team

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