Jaws of Extinction
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  • Alpha Version - Patch notes July 3, 2020
    New patch! It’s a big one. Seriously, massive. Prepare yourself for new friendly NPCs with dialog, trading opportunities, new side quests and huge redesign of the Hanouten Safe Zone, now fondly known as Backwater Beacon.Additionally, there’s new building mechanics, improved sound effects, sick performance improvements and... a new apex predator - bees! Be careful […]
  • Alpha Version - Patch notes May 13, 2020
    Alpha Version - Now liveWelcome to patch This week is all about playability. We’ve got quality of life improvements. We’ve got optimisations. We’ve got balance adjustments... and we’ve got bug fixes. Like, seriously, so many bug fixes. Should have considered fumigation as a career.So grab a beverage and get stuck in to the […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes April 27, 2020
    Alpha Version - Now liveLightning cracks across the sky as the rain buffets with renewed ferocity against the hastily erected wood planks above your head. But the raging tempest is the least of your worries. You know the rain only makes them more deadly… and you can hear their howls as they close in […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes April 7, 2020
    PATCH NOTES flowers are opening. Upon the gentle breeze, the butterflies are playing in the warm sunshine. The lambs frolic in the fields. Meanwhile, somewhere indoors oblivious to the outside world gamers across the world clench their teeth in anticipation as Steam furiously installs the latest Jaws Of Extinction patch. Unleash bloodthirsty new features […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes March 17, 2020
    Alpha Version’ve got guns. Lots of guns. In fact, may be the most rooty tooty FPS shooty patch we’ve released yet with a sweet selection of new first person features in addition to slick new Quad Bikes and luxurious new illumination. Dive on in to check out what’s new this week.PATCH (HOTFIX) NOTES […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes March 4, 2020
    Alpha Version - Now liveThe hunter crept through the thicket, watching his every step so as not to make the slightest noise that could spook his prey. Looking ahead he sees a clearing in the woods; his quarry in sight. He steadied his stance, raised his bow, drew back, held his breath - for […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes February 17, 2020
    Alpha Version - Now liveIt’s patchin’ time! This week’s update is full of new quality of life adjustments, brand-new traders and a new human hostile threat (which shoot back). If you are interested in getting a heads-up on what to expect in the upcoming patches, check out our updated roadmap: http://playjoe.gg/roadmapPlease see the following […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes January 25, 2020
    Alpha Version - Now liveIts patchy patchy day! The Jaws of Extinction update is now out! It has been a little longer than normal since our last patch so sorry to keep you waiting! The reason is that we’ve had some beefy content elements to implement since the start of the new year […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes December 21, 2019
    Alpha Version - Now liveFestive greetings one and all! We have one more patch this side of the New Year that we’re ecstatically excited to share. We don’t normally promote dangerous horseplay, but this week it will be hard to avoid with the addition of new rideable horse companions. Just be sure to keep […]
  • Alpha Version - Update & Patch notes November 19, 2019
    Alpha Version - Now liveIs that glimmer of light I see shining through Autumn clouds? Hark, nay, ‘tis Jaws of Extinction patch landing to brighten up the day!Update features an array of animation amendments, interaction improvements, useful UI updates and barrels of blasted bug fixes - all the meanwhile we’re working on […]