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  • Alpha Version 0.4.3a Update Released November 23, 2021
    0.4.3 is live! This latest update is packed with gameplay improvements. Sophia, one of the four main protagonists, is now live and available to everyone! Complete Sen’s Wreck quest as Amy to unlock Trystan and Sophia.NPCs have been given some much needed TLC, with newly added variety added to their arsenals and improvements made to […]
  • Alpha Version MINI Update Released November 1, 2021 is live! This update addresses issues with saving and loading and the Halloween event rewards, as well as developments in the Hanouten Safezone. Additionally, various squashed bugs, quality of life improvements and the latest optimisations are included as well.We have brought forward our release schedule this week to give a slightly earlier than normal […]
  • Alpha Version 0.4.2a Update Released October 22, 2021
    0.4.2 is live! The Jaws of Extinction team bid you all chilling seasonal greetings with this latest Halloween themed update. Running between 22nd to the 31st October, Halloween Jack’s cackles will be heard across the land of Eden Nadir. Worse yet, he has taken one of the game’s protagonists, Sophia Riggs, hostage! Earn points by […]
  • What's in the pipeline? - Development News #1 October 14, 2021
    Thank you for taking the time to keep upto date with development. We will be discussing the latest milestones in development, what to expect in the next update, our breakthroughs in the game’s file size and new seasonal events soon to arrive.If you enjoy reading these development updates and would like us to continue posting […]
  • Alpha Version 0.4.1a Update Released October 7, 2021
    0.4.1 is live! Our first update since Early Access has arrived. This update tackles many of the initial issues players may have experienced in their first playthrough of Jaws of Extinction. Additionally, we have started making meaningful changes to the structure of the game in order to bring down the overall size of the project […]
  • We Appreciate the Support and Feedback September 26, 2021
    Hello Everyone!The last few days have been massive for us since our release into Early Access. We've soared past our concurrent player count record and got loads of feedback through both our Steam forums and our Discord. We have received confirmation on many elements of the game that you, our community, are enjoying as well […]
  • Jaws of Extinction leaves private Alpha into Early Access September 22, 2021
    The 2.0 update introduces a stack of features into Jaws of Extinction and improves upon existing mechanics. These additions include starting scenarios to challenge new and returning survivors, revised shooting and melee mechanics, and more detailed infected models to test improved combat. A modular base building system also allows players extensive control to create their […]
  • Alpha Version 0.4.0a Update Released September 22, 2021
    0.4.0 Early Access has arrived! Today marks a major milestone in the development of Jaws of Extinction. Alongside going live on the Steam store, this update includes the experimental multiplayer feature and a collection of fixes, improvements and additions to the game. To everyone who has kept up with development up to this point, we […]
  • One Day To Go September 21, 2021
    Wednesday 22nd September 2021 It’s almost time! In just a few hours, Jaws of Extinction will go LIVE into Early Access. Join our Discord to see the latest discussions as we enter Early Access (discord.gg/playjoegame).8:00am - CDT - Houston, Texas9:00am - EDT - Tennessee 10:30pm - ACST - Adelaide 2:00pm - BST - UK
  • Two days to go September 20, 2021
    If you haven't wishlisted Jaws of Extinction already, you can click on the button to get notified the moment the game goes live!Wednesday 22nd September 2021 As a reminder, you can take a look at the timetable below to see what time the game unlocks in different countries.8:00am - CDT - Houston, Texas9:00am - EDT […]