Jaws of Extinction
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  • Steam Play Test Phase 2 - Is Now Live July 27, 2021
    We would like to thank everyone that has actively been involved in the first phase of the Steam play test and helped in the development and testing of the latest update 0.3.8a.In the light of the new update, we are now opening the doors for more testers who have been waiting in the background. Phase […]
  • Alpha Version 0.3.8a Update Released July 27, 2021
    0.3.8 has arrived! This monster update tackles a load of quality of life and bug fixes in addition to a bunch of system upgrades which improve gameplay and performance.Beware of the Bayou! Prehistoric predators lurk amongst the thicket. One mis-step and you could be on the receiving end of a lethal strike from a hunting […]
  • Alpha Version Update Released June 11, 2021
    Update has arrived! New starting scenarios allow you to get straight into the action by starting the game in different places. Get started by crafting the new improvised axe and pickaxe. Then store your new items in the improvised leather backpack. Take a look at the fancy new visuals for several NPCs!This update has […]
  • The Jaws of Extinction playtest is now live on Steam! June 1, 2021
    The first batch of emails have already been sent to everyone who applied, please check your emails and be sure to join us on discord to share any feedback.Discord Link: https://discord.gg/playjoegameEveryone is still invited to sign up for the Playtest of the latest version of the game. We will be sending out new batches of […]
  • Alpha Version Mini Patch Now Live June 1, 2021
    Update is a go! The sharp blade of the machete will slice anything in its path. Take on Infected, or anyone else, with this newly added iconic weapon. Additionally, firearms can now have multiple attachment slots depending on their quality.Loot has been completely rebalanced! Food might be a bit more of a challenge to […]
  • Join the Jaws of Extinction Playtest May 26, 2021
    Jaws of Extinction Steam Playtest is Here! We are at an exciting time where we are almost ready for people to get a closer look at Jaws of Extinction. Jaws of Extinction has now been accepted onto the Steam Playtest feature. In light of this, we have decided to make an adjustment to how we […]
  • Alpha Version Now Live May 24, 2021
    Jaws of Extinction has arrived! This update contains heaps of new systems, new content, the reintroduction of missing systems and a myriad of fixes.The new horde system puts an emphasis on stealth - stay under the radar to avoid being overwhelmed. The playable characters have received more than just visual improvements too. You can […]
  • Alpha Version - Now Live March 22, 2021
    Jaws of Extinction is live right now! Try out the new weapon system, with improved projectiles, a more responsive HUD and a revamped bow system. Improve your weapons with new attachments. Watch out for infected nests across the island - fire might just save you from the onslaught. Bug fixes and new quality of […]
  • Alpha Version - Now Live February 3, 2021
    Jaws of Extinction is live right now! Keeping an eye on the forecast is a good idea at the best of times - especially on Eden-Nadir. Drop in to take a look at the new seasons and weather system. Biting frost during snowfall and monstrous thunder and lightning storms are now amongst the threats […]
  • Alpha Version Now Live January 27, 2021
    Update is hot off the press! This update comes packed with new content including new bow-wielding enemies, new locations and a brand new quest line. Check out the latest NPC dialog interactions including the first introduction of voiced NPCs. Get your hands on some extra loot using the new lockpicking dynamics. Alternatively, take a […]